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Hong Kong's SINA Music Awards the Usual Suspects

The Hong Kong version of China's most popular infotainment web portal,, announced its SINA Music Awards 2009 on 26 January. The Awards honoured the top 20 Most Listened To Songs of the year, as well as individual awards voted by the public, and the SINA Music Most Supreme Awards. Over 30 artists took home awards, but the biggest winners were (yet again) Eason Chan (Eason Chan (陈奕迅, pinyin: Chén Yìxùn - pictured left) and (yet again) Joey Lung (容祖儿, pinyin: Róng Zǔér - pictured below) who each won four awards.

Chan and Yung triumphed in the popular awards, winning the My Favourite Hong Kong Male and Female Singer awards respectively. They then followed it up with the two My Favourite National Singer awards. Eason Chan was also awarded the My Favourite Album award for H3M, while Joey Yung was given the My Favourite Golden Hit award for the song My Own Book of Legends. Both stars had songs in the Top 20 list - My Own Book of Legends and Eason Chan's 700 Years Later.

Two awards were given for Favourite Hong Kong Group: the Male Group award was given to five-piece guitar band Rubberband, and the Female Group prize went to At17 (雁石分天), a folk-pop duo who have been together since 2002. At17, despite not fitting neatly into any easily marketable Cantopop package, have built up a sizeable following for an independent act. At17 also picked up a second award for Outstanding Live Performance. A further group award, Favourite National Group, was awarded to Taiwan's superstar girl trio, S.H.E.

SINA Music also gave out Supreme awards, with the major one, Outstanding Musician Award presented to Khalil Fong (方大同, pinyin: Fāng Dàtóng), the Mandarin language's premier soul singer. Fong also won My Favourite Mandarin Hit award with the song Red Bean, and a second song The Moon Represents My Heart was one of the Top 20 Most Listened To tracks. Two other artists won three awards. Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍, pinyin: Cài Zhuóyán), one half of the girl duo Twins, now successfully forging a solo career while the group remains in indefinite hiatus. She won awards for Outstanding Performance, Singer with the Most Clicks, and a song in the Top 20, Two Missing One. The multi-talented singer-songwriter Ivana Wong (王菀之, pinyin: Wáng Wǎnzhī) won the Most Creative Album with On Wings of Time, Most Favourite Singer-Songwriter, and a Top 20 Song, The Moon Said.

The list of Top 20 Most Listened To Songs is:
Miss You Day and Night - Linda Chung
Ding Ding Car - Fiona Sit
A Letter to Myself - Sherman Chung
If the World Has No Fairytales - Janice Vidal
Yes & No - Hins Cheung
Report Commander - Pakho Chau
One Charge - Vincy Chan
You Hide We Hide - Jason Chan
Here We Are - Kary Ng
Today, Finally Know Wrong - William Chan
B.O.K - Justin Lo
Earth is Very Dangerous - Leo Ku
Two Missing One - Charlene Choi
Borrow - Stephanie Cheng
The Moon Said - Ivana Wong
Apollo - Rubberband
700 Years Later - Eason Chan
The Moon Represents My Heart - Khalil Fong
Song of the Year - Kay Tse
My Own Book of Legends - Joey Yung

A full list of award-winners, in English, can be found at this Asian Fanatics post.

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