Friday, April 3, 2009

E.U is TVB's Most Watched Program this week

Now that the eighth season of the Hong Kong variety show Super Trio Series has come to the end of its run, it has left room for a new show to head first place in TVB's ratings (website in Chinese). The police vs triads drama, E.U (学警狙击), was Hong Kong's most watched program during the week 23-29 March, with an impressive average rating of 34 for five shows (episodes 25-30) run from Monday to Friday evenings.

The ratings period covered the last week of E.U's five-week season, and reached a peak of 43 points in the last episode when, kind of bizarrely, the popular character of gang leader Laughing Gor (played by Michael Tse) came back to life as a police officer. Reportedly these final scenes were hurriedly included after viewers complained about Laughing's demise back in episode 22.

E.U also starred Michael Miu, Kathy Chow, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan. E.U is a sequel to two other popular TVB series: The Academy, shown in 2005, and On the First Beat shown in 2007.

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